Consulting R Group supports Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors Congress

On the 26th of June, Consulting R Group partners took part at the 2nd Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors Congress. Theme of the congress was “National and International issues in financial audit. Auditors and global economic crisis”.

Events that happen, the world economic crisis which has stretched tentacles on the Romanian economy, increase the importance of audit engagements which must provide quality information through the financial statements audited, also taking into consideration the growing caution manifested in the market for launching or re-launching of business, mergers and acquisitions.

In this context, the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors considered appropriate and necessary to organize a major scientific event, leading to a useful dialogue between specialists from the country and abroad and Romanian financial auditors, in order to debate issues of great importance for the profession and to reveal solutions for best practices.

“Even if the auditor’s profession in Romania is very young,  all the foreign participating guests from IFAC, ICAS, FEEA, ACCA recognized the huge progress faced by the Romanian Chamber of Auditors and its members in order to create  and maintain high professional standards and increase the clients’ trust in auditors work and reporting.

The topics of this Congress were very interesting and wide, including professional approach and scientific and research developments. This meeting added value in sharing experience and helping the Romanian Chamber of Auditors to better understand the auditors needs and problems.” added Luminita Ristea, Managing partner - Consulting R Group