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Nexia International

Nexia International is a global network of independent accountants, auditors, business advisers and business consultants that occupies the 9th place world wide, having 667 offices in over 100 countries.

Nexia International was founded in 1971 by two companies – Oppenheim Appel Dixon & Associates, USA and Spicer & Pegler, UK. These two founding members provided services to more than half of the financial sector firms in London and New York.

Since 1971, one of Nexia’s strengths has been the desire for member firms to use and share knowledge and expertise for the benefit of their customers.

Nexia can also mention its tradition of making information available to the public, particularly in the field of taxation and IFRS, through various publications.

Nexia members have the chance to exchange ideas and knowledge at annual, regional, and fiscal conferences. Nexia attaches great importance to educating young members by sponsoring programs for tomorrow’s leaders and organizing seminars for managers.

Nexia acorda o importanta deosebita educatiei tinerilor membri prin sponsorizarea de programe pentru liderii de maine si organizarea de seminarii pentru manageri.

Each customer is expecting high quality standards from a professional company. Nexia ensures the quality of service provided by member firms through a periodical Quality Control. All Nexia companies must belong to the professional bodies of their respective countries.

Whenever you do business in a foreign country, local consultancy and expertise are vital.

As a Nexia International client , you will receive the guidance you need and the attention you deserve at a fair price.

The key to Nexia’s success is simple:

representation at a global level in major financial and economic centers by member firms located in top ten in their home countries. Thus, Nexia offers top quality services to its clients with “international needs”.